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Our Story

Hi, my name is Lou Valliere and this is how it all began…

I started 5W Marketing (5W = Who, What, Why, When & Where) in 1995 to help small business owners improve their bottom line with the use of business card directories and websites. Our services have evolved with the times to include many business and personal services to solve some of the most common problems we all face today, Making Money, Saving Money and building Relationships.

Along the way, I’ve started a few businesses as part of 5W Marketing…

MyBetterBestFriend.com + YourBetterBestFriend = OurBetterBestFriend: Promotes Better Relationships and Brands… Better than a Best Friend Can!

I started the Better Best Friend brand to promote my business, but soon realized that it was also the Better Best way to Build Stronger Relationships with Family, Friends and Clients.

Our primary website for the Better Best Friend brand is MyBetterBestFriend.com which has links to all my other Better Best Friend websites with videos to explain how we can be the solution you need.  We also show you how you can make money promoting our Services.  

WebBBF.com aka: Web5W.com  Websites are the Best New Income Generating Property to Own! (Reseller for GoDaddy Web services providing the same great 24/7 live support, but we sell our services for less!)

BBFMktg.com : Increase Your Repeat Sales and Referrals by doing what Your Mom told you to always do… Send Thank You cards and/or gifts to customers and prospects. We automate the process to save you time and money.

Contact info… 

Lou Valliere (aka: My Better Best Friend)