Hello Fellow Parents and Grandparents (Aunts, Uncles and Siblings too)…

Pretty Witty Words (aka: Guide a Life Tees) clothing started with a line of babies stuff since we just welcomed our 5th grandchild a few months ago. And since this is the 1st grandchild that is local, we see him a few times a week. Naturally, I noticed that babies sure go thru a lot of Onesies and Bibs!

This made me realize that Parents and Siblings have a great opportunity to plant seeds of Wisdom in themselves to share with that child when they’re ready to understand.

Pretty Witty Babies & Bibs are Onesies, Bibs and Baby tee shirts of “Wearable Wisdom” that share a Positive Phrase that Encourages, Educates or Entertains those that read or hear it. 

I know that Babies Can’t Read… but Parents and Siblings Can, and Repetition of “Pretty Witty Words of Wisdom” can Improve them and the World.

Since parents and siblings will be reading and appreciating these “Pretty Witty Words”, we’ll also offer PrettyWittyKids and PrettyWittyWords / GuideALife Tees (Teen & Adult sized tee-shirts)

I’ve built the 1st 8 teams… You can choose the next teams to Play Competitive Wisdom? Click here to pick and choose your Wise Guys/Gals

Or… send someone you Love a family friendly Calendar and DosQuotes (with your photo) every month? click here