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I'm so excited that I had to share the good news...

3/30/24 My 1st solo video... 

Grandpa Lou Views 

3/31/21 interview with Susan St. Denis on the JacksonvilleBuzz webcast 

Each week on “Jacksonville Buzz,” our hosts sit down with some of the brightest and most entertaining guests you can find on the First Coast to discuss what’s buzzing in the Bold City. Today, Adrienne and Susan talk with Lou Valliere, from Guide a Life.

Guide a Life Clothing strives to make America wiser and kinder with positive statements repetitively shared without saying a word.

To learn more about SocialEqualiTees Guide a Life Clothing, visit

Give a brief description on what you would like to discuss on the show.: Why Wearable Wisdom is Important to Reduce Tribalism and Promote Social Equality.

What makes your company unique? 
My first instinct was to say it has me, but that’s a terrible slogan, so I’ll say… I started this Wisdom Wear biz to plant Seeds of Wisdom in my Grandkids that live on the West Coast and felt it made sense for Kids and Grandkids everywhere too.

How do you define success?
If I can motivate or inspire people to Help Change the World for the Betterment of All. (finally breaking even would be nice too)

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community? 
Raising Social Awareness with Wearable Wisdom is my first attempt at Community Action.

What is your biggest marketing challenge in your business? 
Finding like-minded people that want to improve the current state of America and the World. I probably need some influencers that have more sway than I.


11/9/20... interviewed by Lena Pringle on Jacksonville TV station WJXT talking about my SocialEqualiTees Clothing Brand.

 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man has come up with a creative way to get people to stop and think about social equality.

He’s putting quotes like “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” by Frederick Douglas and other famous figures throughout history, on shirts to spread messages of equality.

He calls them “Social EqualiTees” and hopes to get others to spread positive messages, without saying a word.

“All of these quotes are over 100 years old. They stood the test of time because they rang true,” said Lou Valliere, SocialEqualiTees Founder.

He sells t-shirts that are making people stop to think and read about social equality.

“Just trying to get people to aware because when you see this, I can say this all day to people but it’s not going to have an impact necessarily but if I’m wearing it, they’re going to read it. It’s big enough to stand out, they’re going to say what are you wearing? It’s going to have a positive impact or no impact, it’s up to the individual,” said Valliere.

The shirts feature quotes, in the shape of a stop sign.

Valliere says he used to put motivational quotes on calendars and send them to his grandchildren but found shirts can provide the same kind of encouragement with more visibility.

He says raising awareness on this issue, is a top priority especially for the times we’re navigating through.

“We’ve had social strife forever. There’s always been tribalism. Me-vs-Them or Us-vs-Them types of situations. And I think we have to realize we are one people. We’re one people on this world, the greatest asset any country has are its people,” said Valliere, “As long as you have strife and division, the people aren’t going to make as much progress. If we’re all pulling together it’s a lot easier. You know many hands make the work lighter.”

He hopes, even though the idea is simple, the messages will spark a lasting change. Valliere sells the shirts on his website,

He has versions specifically for children and babies and also has a motivational education pamphlet ready to download on his website as well.

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