Why "An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest"...

Everybody Knows the greatest asset every country in the world has in common, are its people. The productivity potential of every single person on earth is nearly unlimited if given the chance to prosper and improve themselves and others in a growth supportive society. 

This is what the founders of our great nation wanted for themselves, their families and friends.  This is why they wrote the Preamble of the US Constitution as "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a More Perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

This great social document describes a utopian society where equality, fairness, safety, good health, and opportunity to grow and prosper was and is available to everyone that makes up this great nation. This beloved document was written by and for either an immigrant or recent descendent of an immigrant to our then new nation. 

The "United States" of America was formed by and for immigrants to America, which is why our beloved Statue of Liberty has the classic poem "The New Colossus" with the line that is quoted on Team/Week# 2.5: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Emma Lazarus 1849 - 1887

However, these last few years we’ve all seen fear and distrust of others divide family and friends. We’ve seen the "News and Social Media" both be very "Un-Social" and spread the virus of tribalism trying to take control of our consciousness and communities to divide and push us farther apart in an “Us-vs-Them” Power struggle of dominance.

The Most Basic Fact of Life is...  We All Are Human. We All Are Colored People of different shades, sizes, location, language, and economic levels. We and Us Includes You and Them. 

We All Are Equal. We All Are Us. We All Are Me! 
We may have different histories, mixtures of good and bad. But we've all seen society evolve gradually towards equality over the centuries. Too slowly for many and too fast for a few.

We've made progress but still have a long way to go.
Like the clock and calendar of time, we must continue to move forward towards a Society of Inclusion, Fairness and Hospitality towards others. Time moves forward, and society evolves for all so we all should take an active role in improving the balance of equality, opportunity, and the Benefit of Social Growth for Everyone and Not just a Lucky Few.

What Can You and I Do to Make America Wiser and Kinder?

Many of you know and remember fondly a phrase or quote you heard or read somewhere growing up that had a positive impact on your personality and outlook towards life. A "Motto" perhaps or just something that touched your heart in a unique way that seemed naturally motivating, inspirational and right.

Everybody Knows that Repetition is the Key to Learning and Teaching so Naturally, the Best Way to Spread Wisdom is not to just say it occasionally, but to Share It Visually Over and Over with Wearable Shareable Wisdom.

How often do your family, friends and strangers see you in your shirt each day, week, month or year? 1 to 5 times? 10-30 times? 50-100? 200-500 times? Could that many exposures to Words of Wisdom have a positive long-term impression? Of course, it will… how can it Not?

Since Repetition is how we all learn and teach, let Wearable Shareable Progressive Wisdoms Work its Magic!

"SocialEqualiTees and iTHINKtees” do exactly that because when you're wearing one of our Antique Progressive Wisdom shirts, people See, Read and Understand the message you're sharing multiple times a day, every time they look your way. Even if they don't focus on the words each time, each impression is a subliminal reminder of the words on your shirt.

You Can even be Competitive with Progressive Wisdom… 

Most People are competitive by nature and not likely to change which is why we love Competitive Sports, Good Grades in School, Playing the Stock Market, See Who Can Lose the Most Weight, Battles of the Bands, Movies of the Year, Best Restaurant in Town, the Tallest This and Fastest That.  

Why not compete over something more important to the future of the world and all our children and grandchildren? 

We currently have 52 Teams of 8 Historic Social-Quotererers (I made up that word) from around the world sharing Witty Words of Wisdom that have Encouraged, Educated and/or Entertained Generations for Centuries.  

Which quote will be the most popular among your family, friends and associates?  Which quote makes the most sense today to the most people to inspire them to greatness for themselves or help for others?  Which quote will have the biggest impact on the most people for the betterment of all?  

52 Teams of 8 Helped Make Humanity Great and So Can You!

I wear an "iTHINKtees or SocialEqualiTees" at the grocery store all the time and almost every week someone says they like the message on the shirt. It makes a great conversation starter that might inspire, inform and/or make you smile depending on which of over 400 quotes you choose to Wear & Share at home or online or out and about (socially distant if needed of course). 



To Be Competitively Wise here are a few Contests Where/Wear You Can Win Free Shirts... Plus You Can Help Start a Movement to Improve Society by Sharing and Wearing a Wisely Inspired "SocialEqualiTees or iTHINKtees" shirt with a Message that touches the heart and soul of those that read and agree. 

Contest 1:

You Can Win 1-Free t shirt of your choice to the 1st person that emails StJerry@GuideALife.com the correct answer as to: 

Why I repeat St Jerome’s "Good, Better, Best" quote on the 1st 8 teams?


Contest 2:    

1-Free t shirt of your choice to the 1st person that emails SMartin@GuideALife.com the correct answer to:

Which Steve Martin movie character did I pay tribute to with the joke of calling the quote authors “Quotererer”?


Contest 3:  

The 1st person to buy the first shirt design (example: Team 2 Quotererer 5 or Team 6 Quoterererer 7) to sell 100 adult "iThinkTees, Wins 7-Free tshirts to build your own 8-member team from the current 100's of Quoterererers.  We’ll name the team as the “Your Name Collective" or Salon or Team, Crew, Gang, Group, Clutch, Peeps, Posse, Team (never mind, I already said Team) and oh, yeah... "Some Folks (Your Name) Knows"? (this only applies to the 1st person to buy that design, not all that buy it)


...and Contest 4:

*What are Your chances of picking the 1st 100 sales tshirt design?  

There are 416 quotes (52 teams of 8) and my favorite quote (guess which one) is repeated on teams 1-8, which I think helps your odds.  I could do the math... who am I kidding, I can't do the math.  You tell me the correct odds and you'll win a shirt too.  The 1st correct "odds" answer wins a shirt of their choice. 

And since I haven't done the math, your logical solution will need to be confirmed either by repetitive identical answers, or I get smartin enough to understand and agree with your answer.

*Warning: Frequent Exposure to these Witty Words of Wisdom, May Increase Motivation and Compassion... But that’s a good thing!