Teen & Adult tees... 24 Teams of 8 Make America Wiser and Kinder!

Why be Competitive with Wisdom? We're competitive by nature and not likely to change which is why we love Competitive Sports, Competitive Grades in School, Playing the Stock Market, See Who Can Lose the Most Weight,  Battles of the Bands, Movies of the Year, Best Restaurant in Town, the Tallest This and Fastest That.

Why not compete over something more important to the future of the world and all our children and grandchildren? 

24 Teams of 8 Helped Make the World Great, and You Can Help Do It Too!

I started collecting public domain quotes to Encourage, Educate or Entertain my grandkids and I grouped them into 8 teams of 8.

I noticed we had some great quotes from all around the world from all walks of life so I decided to also honor specific groups in teams. The first 8 Teams are a Mix of the 3E's (Enc-Edu-Ent), but the 9th team is made up of Women only from around the world, and the 10th team honors those of African heritage. Teams 13 - 20 are all Entertaining or Sarcastic Humor Quotes, and teams 21-24 are a mix from around the world.  I have several hundred more quotes to share and may add more to these teams and add geographic teams too. 

And Always Remember... Wisdom, Wisdom that's the Test, Which Rival Wisdom Team is Best?  You Decide!

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