About Us... OK, it's actually all about Me and Why I started this.

Hello, my name is Lou Valliere and I'm an old fat bald guy who thinks he isn't and acts immaturely at times to prove it...maybe just the old part, since I can't hide fat and bald. Anyway, I'm also a husband, father and grandfather with five awesome grandkids on both coasts. (not five on each coast tho)

I started "iTHINKtees" GuideAlLife.com because I wanted to make sure that my grandchildren grow up with more positive exposure to and hopefully preferences for some of the Proven Wisdom I found while marketing another business project.

I owned a marketing business called "Better Best Friend Marketing", where we helped small businesses grow relationships with custom Calendar Greeting Cards we mailed out monthly.  To make the Calendars' Keepsakes, I included a couple quotes, appropriately called "Dos Quotes". 

I had been collecting and using these quotes for almost 2 years when I came across a couple quotes from St. Jerome.  One of those quotes you've seen multiple times if you watched the video or browsed thru the shirt samples.  That's the "Good, Better, Best Never Let it Rest till Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best." quote.  The other quote that will be in the next batch of 8 teams of 8 is "Friendship that Can Cease, Is Never Real."   When I found both these quotes from one person matching up with my company brand, I made it my Motto.

If I had the guts for a tatoo and the quote was much shorter...