Why I started this Wearable Wisdom biz...

About Us?  ...OK, it's actually all about Me and Why I started this Wearable Sharable Wisdom Biz

Hi, my name is Lou Valliere, but you can call me "Grandpa Lou", partially because I'm old and a GrandPa, but also because I started this biz because of my GrandKids.  It's kind of a long story, but I hope you'll enjoy the journey as much I have so far.

I started "Guide A Life Clothing" because my wife and I live in Florida but most of our Grandkids live in California.  Since we only get to see our "West Coast Treasures" a few weeks in a good year, I wanted to make sure that our 5 grandchildren on both East and West coasts of America (not 5 on each coast) grow up with more exposure to, and hopefully inspiration from some of the Proven Wisdom that has Guided and Positively Influenced Generations for Centuries.

Many of you know and remember fondly a phrase or quote you heard or read somewhere growing up that had a positive impact on your personality and outlook towards life.  A "Motto" perhaps or just something that touched your heart and mind in a unique way that rang true to you.

Let me tell you my story of how I found my Personal and Business Motto, and how that relates to my Grandkids and this Wisdom Inspired biz...

I own a small marketing business called "Better Best Friend Marketing", where we help small businesses grow customer and prospect relationships with custom Monthly Calendar Greeting Cards.  

I felt these monthly calendars were also a great way to keep in touch with my West Coast Grandkids as well as my family and friends around the country.  I added family birthdays to the calendars along with the other daily holidays and called them "Holidaze de Jour Calendars". 

To help make the Calendars' more of a long-term Keepsake so they'd hold on to them after the calendar expired, I included a couple of antique motivational, educational or entertaining quotes, appropriately called "DosQuotes". 

I began collecting and posting these DosQoutes on Twitter in 2010 and after 2 years of daily posting these "Twitterable Words of Wisdom", I came across a couple of quotes from St. Jerome.  One of those quotes you've seen multiple times if you watched some of our videos or browsed thru the shirt samples.  That's the "Good, Better, Best Never Let It Rest till Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best." quote.  The other quote (to be included on a future team of 8) is "Friendship that Can Cease, Is Never Real."   

When I found both these quotes from one person matching up with my company ‘Better Best Friend’ brand, it just felt right, so I made ‘Good Better Best Never Let It Rest till Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best.’ my personal and business Motto.  If I had the guts for a tattoo and the quote was much shorter...

Anyway, to get back to the connection to my Grandkids...

I was sending them the Calendars every month for years.  They loved getting them and I loved making and sending them.  But the kids were growing fast and I wanted to share those Wisely Inspired Quotes with them on a more repetitive basis than once a month.

I realized that almost everybody changes their shirt daily (hopefully) and like most people we and those around us see that shirt multiple times a day. 

Think about it.  How many times today did you see your reflection or looked down toward your feet with your shirt within view?  Dozen times? Hundred times? 

How about other people you come in visual contact with Offline or Online in Social Media on a daily basis? 2-5? 10-20? 50-100?    

How often do your kids see you in your shirt each day, week, month or year?  What if you asked them what your or their shirt says daily? You might ask them a few times, but eventually you can just point to the shirt and strengthen their recognition of words and phrases that have helped millions of people around the world.  Could it have a lasting impression?  Of course, it will. How can it not leave an impression, since everything we learn is thru repetition.

That's a lot of exposure for an important message you want to share.  And it's not a verbally intrusive message. It's passively shared and absorbed by anyone that can read.  And Since Everyone Knows that Repetition is the Key to Learning Anything, Wearable Shareable Wisdom is the Perfect Learning/Teaching Tool you can use easily and naturally. 

Then Covid hit... 

When Covid closed down my grandkids' schools, including many others around the world, I decided to use the age ranges of my Quotererers (I made up that word) as easy math equations with a variety of combinations as a way to build elementary school math confidence. I called these downloadable worksheets: FreeEasyMathWisdom.com and FreeEasyCypherWisdom.com

Explore our 52 teams of 8 that helped make Humanity Great historical quotes that have been appreciated by millions of people for centuries around the world.


  Be a Smart(er) Dresser and
Dress to Express and Impress
Those that Can Read.

GrandPa Lou and Ike
(my newest local grandchild)


BTW: There are a few Contest on our website…

You Can Win 1-Free t shirt of your choice to the 1st person that emails StJerry@GuideALife.com the correct answer as to:

Why I repeat St Jerome’s GBB quote on the 1st 8 teams?




1-Free t shirt of your choice to the 1st person that emails SMartin@GuideALife.com the correct answer to:

Which Steve Martin movie character did I pay tribute to with the joke of calling the quote authors “Quotererer”?




Win 7 Free t-shirts if the specific “iTHINKtees” adult sized shirt you buy (example: “Team 2 Quotererer 5”  or “Team 6 Quoterererer 7”)  is the 1st shirt design that sells 100 adult shirts, then you will WIN the other 7 Quotererers on Your Team.  You’ll also get to build your own 8-member team from the current 192 Quoterererers and we’ll name the team as the “Your Name Collective" or Salon or Team, Crew, Gang, Group, Clutch, Peeps, Posse, Team (never mind, I already said Team) and oh, yeah... "Some Folks (Your Name) Knows"?



*What are Your chances of picking the 1st 100 sales t-shirt design?  

There are 416 quotes (52 teams of 8) and my favorite quote (guess which one) is repeated on teams 1-8, which I think helps your odds.  I could do the math... who am I kidding, I can't do the math.  You tell me the correct odds and you'll win a shirt too.  The 1st correct "odds" answer wins a shirt of their choice. 

And since I haven't done the math, your logical solution will need to be confirmed either by repetitive identical answers, or I get smartin enough to understand and agree with your answer.


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