The 1st person that buys a Teen/Adult sized shirt design that sells 100 shirts will WIN the other 7 "iTHINKtees" quoted shirts on that team.  


Think about it...  You buy a shirt that touches your heart and soul for around $20 and if 100 other people feel the same way and buy the same shirt, you'll WIN 7 more great Quote shirts worth around $140.  I won't stop you from promoting your shirt if you think it wise.  Just remember, it's the 1st 8 buyers of one of the 192  designs (24 teams of 8 each) that have a chance to win.  You Snooze... You'll Lose.  


What are your chances?  There are 192 quotes (24 teams of 8) and my favorite quote (guess which one) is repeated on the first 8 teams, which I think helps your odds.  I could do the math... who am I kidding, I can't do the math.  You tell me the correct odds and you'll win a shirt too.  The 1st correct "odds" answer wins a shirt of their choice.


There are a couple more contests for free shirts on our About Us page.


BTW: The contest initially only applies to the Teen/Adult sizes since my margins are so low on the smaller sizes.  However, if we do sell as many as I hope to overall, then I will include the smaller sized shirts/onesie buyers in the contest.)