School Fund Raising Services

Education Stops Hate Fund Raising is a super Easy way to raise funds for your educational organization. Sign-up to share profits below...

#1- Use our FREE Easy Wisdom Quiz workbooks (Easy Math Wisdom, Easy Cypher Wisdom and Easy Faster Reading Practice) to Encourage, Educate and Entertain students and anyone that can read.

#2- If any students or family use your organization's unique purchase code when buying products from our Free Easy Wisdom Sponsors, your organization will Earn 50% of our net profit for those sales.

#3- Since we Print-On-Demand (POD), we print as needed for each sale to lower pre-sale cost so our margins are low.  However, if we get enough sales for the same product, we may be able to get a high-volume discount to lower our cost and raise the net profit split with your organization.

#4- Email: for details

 Antique Wisdom Quotes and Fund Raising Products available...