A Progressive Manifesto... We All Are Equal, We All Are Us, We All Are Me! - magnet white

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The Most Basic Fact of Life is...  We All Are Human. We All Are Colored People of different shades, sizes, location, language, and economic levels. We and Us Includes You and Them. We All Are Equal. We All Are Us. We All Are Me!

We may have different histories, mixtures of good and bad. But we've all seen society evolve gradually towards equality over the centuries. Too slowly for many and too fast for a few. We've made progress but still have a long way to go.

Like the clock and calendar of time, we must continue to move forward towards a Society of Inclusion, Fairness and Hospitality towards others. Time moves forward, and society evolves for all so we all should take an active role in improving the balance of equality, opportunity, and the Benefit of Social Growth for Everyone and Not just a Lucky Few.

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.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Thin (0.03" (0.8 mm)) and lightweight
.: Black backing

  6" × 6" 4" × 4" 3" × 3"
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